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DeeDeeDinah3, [2/27/2024 5:26 AM]
So, dog’s dead. (In 4 days time!)
I’m mad at God!
And I really really really don’t want to live. 

Other than that everything is peachy keen!

MeMaw 777💖, [2/27/2024 6:04 AM]
I am sorry to hear about your Gracie passing. I know it’s hard when a pet dies. I pray over your broken heart that you will find peace and comfort. I know you feel upset with GOD and I do believe that HE understands when we feel this way towards HIM. I trust that in time your broken heart will start to mend and the missing while still remains won’t be as difficult for you… 🙏🏼…💖

Debi B, [2/27/2024 6:55 AM]
MeMaw you are so incredibly sweet and caring. Thank you for all the goodness that you add to the world and this space . ❤️❤️🙏🏻

AnnMarie, [2/28/2024 12:58 AM]
I’m even embarrassed to ask for help. My issues are not even comparable to whos are more important to others here . But here goes ..I suffer from ibs which is literally crippling my life . My marriage, my ability to want to leave my home . It’s getting worse . I’ve seen Drs . Nothing helps and no one understands the struggle I deal with each and every day . I’ve taken their meds they prescribe but it’s worse than ever . I really am at the point where I’m a prisioner in my own home. I’ve alienated my sleeper husband . I just like being alone . I pray a lot .

Dave, [2/28/2024 1:04 AM]
Oh Holy Father, this is yours to fix. I praise Your Name that you are giving her the relief that You want for her to have. All Glory to you Father in the Highest. Please bring her Your peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus Name . Amen

Thank you Dave , funny my hubby has your name and just doesn’t get it.

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